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Chief Executive Officer, TSNE MissionWorks

Boston, Mass.
Nov / 30 / 2017


TSNE MissionWorks (MissionWorks) is a $50 million organization that advances social change and helps nonprofit organizations thrive. The organization partners with hundreds of nonprofits, groups, individuals and foundations in Boston, New England and across the country.

MissionWorks provides management and consulting services that strengthen nonprofit leadership, capacity and performance. Founded 60 years ago, MissionWorks operates the NonProfit Center in Boston, provides fiscal sponsorship for 75+ nonprofits, offers in-demand consulting, training, grantmaking and community-based investment, and advances inclusion, racial equity and social justice.

This is a time of transformation and promise at MissionWorks. For 34 years, a single strong CEO led and built the organization, which became virtually synonymous with his leadership and priorities. MissionWorks is poised for a new CEO, a new strategic plan, and a new era.

The CEO has a bold mandate: to lead MissionWorks to achieve impact commensurate with its potential. MissionWorks is a significant, stable and well-resourced nonprofit organization. It is well positioned to be a catalyst for extraordinary progress for nonprofits and the sector. In partnership with an effective, engaged Board, the CEO will lead organizational transformation and take impact to new levels by:

  • Developing clear vision, strategy, purpose, priorities and plans.
  • Growing MissionWorks in reputation, relationships, resources and impact.
  • Inspiring and implementing organizational revitalization and change.
  • Aligning people, structure and culture.
  • Closing the gap between MissionWorks’ aspirations and current capabilities, especially in the area of racial equity and social justice.

MissionWorks is strong financially. MissionWorks is a $50 million entity with $90 million in assets. The organization has grown at double-digit levels in recent years, as demand for services has risen. This trajectory is expected to continue. The organization has multiple revenue streams including fee-for-service, real estate and royalties from a legacy medical patent. Revenues from fiscal sponsorship of nonprofits, locally and across the country, are a core economic driver.

MissionWorks’ FY17 revenue of $63.7 million is comprised of Fiscal Sponsorship (FS) Projects ($53 million) and FS Services ($4 million), management of the 110,000 square foot NonProfit Center ($3 million) that is home to 50 Boston nonprofits and meeting facilities, Royalty income ($2.2 million), and Organizational Development Services ($2 million). The organization generated surplus revenue during FY17.

The new CEO has an opportunity to shape MissionWorks’ future. The CEO is charged with leading the development of a strategic plan that will establish clear vision, strategy, purpose, priorities and plans. While the organization is well known in Boston and in the fiscal sponsorship arena, increasing awareness, familiarity and clarity about the brand is a major opportunity.

MissionWorks is developing new systems and technology for data-gathering, knowledge management and efficient service delivery, led by the Interim CEO and Interim Operations Director. The organization is striving to build greater collaboration across disciplines, to take advantage of synergies and potential leverage across service offerings and client relationships. Enhanced collaboration and cohesion will yield benefits that include more holistic client servicing, greater job satisfaction and organizational growth.

MissionWorks has a longstanding commitment to racial equity and social justice. Its community funding program, The Inclusion Initiative, is well-regarded. There is an opportunity to better integrate current field learning regarding racial equity work into MissionWorks’ programs. Internally, there is ongoing work on interracial and intercultural trust and understanding. Enhancing cultural competency, communication and the capacity to work effectively with diverse community-based organizations is a priority.

Due to its financial strength, MissionWorks has not done traditional fundraising or business development, although it has been working to deepen its relationships with foundations. Engaging support for new aspirations and results is an opportunity. MissionWorks will benefit from deepening relationships with current stakeholders and cultivating new partners and support, in Boston and beyond.

Forward-looking MissionWorks opportunities include:

  • Expanding MissionWorks’ role as a capacity builder for the nonprofit sector–through thought leadership, convenings, trainings and sharing national best practices
  • Advocacy on behalf of the nonprofit sector, focused on equity and justice
  • Building and strengthening relationships with local, state and national nonprofit and civic leadership
  • Leveraging royalty income and building resources in new, strategic ways
  • Developing the strategic potential of the fiscal sponsorship program

Aspirations for MissionWorks’ future

MissionWorks aspires to be a valued, trusted and sought-after leader in nonprofit services and thought leadership, in its Boston hometown and across the U.S. It seeks to have clear and shared vision, values and priorities. MissionWorks aspires to be a “best place to work,” with trust, cohesion, equity, cultural competency and a learning approach in which impact is measurable. The organization seeks to provide thought leadership, services and advocacy in ways that help the nonprofit sector thrive and advance racial equity, social justice and a more just and democratic society.

Because of its fundamental strengths – size, scope, financial underpinning and know-how – the organization is poised to deliver greater impact with the leadership of the new CEO, Board and staff.

MissionWorks’ future is exciting and significant.


The CEO will be a leader with credibility, passion and commitment to the nonprofit sector, racial equity and social justice. The CEO will be a proven strategist, innovator and builder. The CEO will be capable of leading, managing and growing a complex nonprofit organization to its highest, best potential.

The CEO reports to the MissionWorks Board of Directors and manages a team of about 70 in Boston, plus a network of 400+ individuals embedded in fiscally-sponsored entities. The CEO will:

  1. Provide visionary, strategic and inspiring leadership. The CEO will have a personality that ignites passion and progress. The CEO will work well with an outstanding Board, leading MissionWorks to develop shared vision and a long-range strategic plan that clarifies fundamental aspects of identity, aspirations, audiences, culture, priorities and theory of change. Under the CEO’s leadership, MissionWorks will become a more focused, innovative and highly respected entity.
  2. Be a great manager of people, transformation and the business. The CEO will be a proven manager of change, teams, budgets and the business. The CEO will be culturally competent and inclusive, trusted and transparent. The CEO will address tough challenges, solve problems, and foster collaboration and accountability. The CEO will align structure, culture and competencies with the values, goals, objectives and aspired outcomes of MissionWorks.
  3. Be a thought leader, advocate and influencer. The CEO will be or become an expert on the nonprofit sector, and will be a compelling presenter, advocate and thought leader. Through public speaking, interviews and substantive content, the CEO will build relationships and influence in and around the sector. The CEO will be a strong advocate of the nonprofit sector and a force for nonprofit innovation, positive change and ideas.
  4. Grow the organization. The CEO will be an innovative leader of strategy, programs and enterprises. The CEO will gain internal and external support for next-level initiatives, and for expanding and diversifying revenues. The CEO will be a source of focus as well as new initiatives and innovation that result in sustainable value; and will lead MissionWorks to its next level of growth and impact.
  5. Advance credibility and relevance in Boston and beyond. The CEO will be a compelling connector and communicator with leaders in government, business and the funding, civic and nonprofit communities in Boston, the state and beyond. The CEO will be uncommonly good at gaining high-level access, building relationships and positioning MissionWorks to win trust and investment. The CEO will ignite excitement and build awareness of Missionworks and the nonprofit sector.


The ideal candidate is an outstanding leader and manager with experience, values and passion aligned with the needs and aspirations of MissionWorks. The CEO will have proven expertise relevant to cultural competency, leading vision, and managing implementation in complex nonprofit contexts.

Personal assets will include:

  • A credible, trustworthy, charismatic and inspiring persona
  • Cultural fluency and demonstrated commitment to inclusion and equity across racial and all dimensions of diversity
  • Ability to hear and value diverse viewpoints, to resolve issues and conflicts, and to move forward with actionable solutions
  • High emotional intelligence, communication and relationship skills
  • Self-awareness, self-reflection and self-confidence, coupled with humility
  • Imagination, flexibility and resilience
  • A sense of humor


TSNE MissionWorks (MissionWorks), formerly Third Sector New England, is a nonprofit management support and capacity building organization that works with hundreds of nonprofits across the country. TSNE MissionWorks is a new name, providing more emphasis on clients’ mission work.

A $50 million nonprofit with assets of $90 million, MissionWorks is a stable, financially healthy organization that provides information and services to build the knowledge, effectiveness and power of individuals, organizations and groups that engage people in community and public life. The organization offers nonprofit fiscal sponsorship, training, consulting and other programs. It publishes best-practice research and guides designed to strengthen the operations and capacities of nonprofits.

Original MissionWorks research projects have been widely reviewed and shared. These include: Valuing Our Nonprofit Workforce compensation studies (2017, 2014 and 2010), Opportunity in Change (2017, with The Boston Foundation), the Leadership New England study (2015), Funding Learning Networks for Community Impact (2013), Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving Diversity in the Workplace (2010), and the Executive Directors Guide (2002, 2010, new edition coming in 2018).

MissionWorks opened the NonProfit Center in Boston, a 110,000 square foot building that provides rentable office and meeting space for nonprofits, in 2004. In addition to serving as home base for some 50 organizations, the NonProfit Center encourages collaboration among its tenants. The building is a mainstay in Boston that features a new, state-of-the art conference center for nonprofit and community gatherings.

MissionWorks is a co-founder and active member of several professional networks aimed at advancing the work of the nonprofit sector, including the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network, The Nonprofit Centers Network, and the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors.

MissionWorks continuously evolves its services in fiscal sponsorship, where it serves over 75 nonprofits in Boston and across the country, and in consulting.

MissionWorks’ consulting practices include:

  • Executive search and transitions
  • Human resources
  • Leadership coaching
  • Management training for nonprofit professionals
  • Organizational development
  • Strategic planning

The organization’s commitment to community-based organizations is ongoing. Since MissionWorks began grantmaking nearly two decades ago, the organization has distributed over $6.3 million in funds supporting collaborations, networks, organizations and individuals working toward racial and economic equity. Partnerships with foundations, service providers, community groups, nonprofits and thought leaders in the sector provide opportunities for reflection and learning – strengthening MissionWorks’ programs and services.


The CEO reports to the Board of Directors and manages approximately 70 people at headquarters and over 400 people embedded at client organizations. Areas that report directly to the CEO include Communications & Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Operations.


The CEO is based in MissionWorks’ office in the NonProfit Center in downtown Boston. Boston is home to many of America’s top nonprofit, academic, scientific and healthcare institutions, and to Fortune 500 companies including Staples, Athena Health, EMC and GE.

The Search

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