Nonprofit Consulting & Strategy Services that Strengthen Nonprofits

Our team of skilled and experienced consultants guide nonprofits on a path toward success. We build on your organization’s strengths and assist in making you more effective, more collaborative, and in touch with constituents. TSNE MissionWorks works closely with managers, staff, and board members to identify and address the challenges you face while crafting strategies to help you achieve your mission.

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As whole-systems practitioners, our Consulting Team measures their success by assisting in building your organization’s capacity to advance the mission, to meet your long-term challenges and leave your organization with the tools to succeed. We look at the system beyond the organization, exploring networks and collaboration for the greatest community impact. Our consultants take a collaborative and results-oriented approach that emphasizes organizational assessments to jumpstart your strategic thinking and planning.

What We Offer

Our consulting team can help you improve systems, enhance communication, support leadership and staff, board development, reduce conflict and clarify your mission and strategic vision. We offer:

  • Organizational Assessment: Facilitates a process to identify what is working well and any barriers to effectiveness.
  • Strategic Thinking and Planning: Consultants work to bring stakeholders together to plan and take action on achieving you organizational goals.
  • Human Resources Consultation: Better utilize and manage your nonprofits largest investment, your staff.
  • Leadership Coaching: Enhance the effectiveness of your leadership teams through improved collaboration and decision making.
  • Executive Transition: Leverage the opportunities presented by a change in leadership and succession planning.
  • Strategic Restructuring: Manage complex changes when external or internal factors lead to large shifts for the organization.

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