Organizational Assessments

Analyze and Reflect on Your Nonprofit's Health and Effectiveness

Our consulting team works closely with your nonprofit to conduct an organizational assessment at the beginning of each engagement. The quantitative and qualitative information gained through our assessment helps staff, board, community members and other stakeholders identify what is working well, what can be improved and any barriers to effectiveness.

Organizational assessment team works with your staff and constituents to develop a roadmap for your nonprofit's future.

Our consultants assess  your nonprofit's systems, services, governance, management and overall mission effectiveness. We help stakeholders see the causes of issues they face, rather than focusing primarily on symptoms. Going beyond any one person’s or subgroup’s perspective, we aim to take a snapshot of the whole system in its complexity. 

Benefits for the Client Organization

  • Shared understanding of organizational strengths and challenges
  • Common language to discuss the organizational system
  • A solid basis for identifying effective action steps
  • Understanding of root causes, rather than just symptoms
  • Shared momentum for creating change going forward

Hallmarks of Our Approach

  • Honors the wisdom and experience that already exists in the organization
  • Promotes collaboration and mutual understanding
  • Becomes the first step in a powerful change process

Assessments provide a strong base and shared language to begin making changes.

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