Diversity, Inclusion and Equity in Nonprofits: Setting the Table for Success

Diversity, inclusion and equity in the nonprofit sector has been a topic much researched, discussed and explored in the past several years. Still, a sector made of predominantly white leadership, nonprofits have struggled to find ways to become more diverse and build pathways to real inclusion and equity that support new and more diverse leadership.


Their long term vision for Station1 is to create an educational movement where cultural, societal, and disciplinary differences, which might have once been barriers to exchange, now serve to unite people across the nation and the world in an interconnected community that utilizes science and technology to foster equity, sustainability, peace, and prosperity for all of humanity.

Prosecutor Impact

Founded in 2016, Prosecutor Impact is a not-for-profit organization built around the mission of improving community safety in the United States through a better understanding of the most important actor in the criminal justice system: the criminal prosecutor.


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