Assistant Program Manager, TSNE MissionWorks

The Assistant Program Manager oversees the planning, implementation, and tracking of short-term engagements and long-term programs including the Better Nonprofit Management Training Series, Emerging Consultants TrainingWhat’s Next: Leading a Thriving Transition and various other programs offered by CET. The Assistant Program Manager also helps to lead the research and development of future workshops, trainings, and other customized engagements.

Executive Director, The Landmark Trust USA

The Landmark Trust USA is a historic preservation organization focused on restoring properties as 'living history' and for social benefit, providing opportunities to teach traditional skills to local craftspeople. The next Executive Director will help lead the organization in creating a refreshed vision for its future, one which will further expand its impact and position the organization for long-term sustainability.

Valuing Our Workforce: How the Nonprofit Sector Can Support Millennials of Color in Boston

Rents, loans, transportation, food, taxes, healthcare: the cost of living in Boston is skyrocketing. Millennials of color are feeling the pinch and in order to attract and retain talented staff, nonprofits need to develop compensation strategies to make working in our sector a viable option. Through paying people equitably, offering flexibility, supporting personal and professional growth, and providing leadership opportunities, nonprofits have the ability to add much more value to their workforce in addition to raises.

Embracing Organizational Conflicts as Opportunities for Dialogue and Learning

When thinking about long-term conflicts in your organization, do some particularly unsolvable headaches come to mind? Have you looked at some of these issues more closely and realized that there is no decisive solution to them? Some of these conflicts that always seem to come back or never seem to go away may be "chronic tensions", a fact of life in any kind of work.


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