Organizational Transitions

Enhance Your Impact by Forming Strategic Alliances, Collaborations and Mergers

Change is everywhere today, and both nonprofit organizations and individuals need to be able to manage it to survive. Our consultants can prepare you to make the right decisions about transitions, restructurings or strategic collaborations.

TSNE MissionWorks can help nonprofits interested in organizational transitions consulting.

Areas We Support

TSNE MissionWorks has experience supporting several types of organizational transitions:

  • New organizational forms: Such as becoming fiscally sponsored to lower administrative costs and focus core programming, or helping you and others create efficiencies through economies of scale, co-locating, sharing staff and programs through shared services strategies
  • Staff transitions: We can help with growth scenario planning, policy/regulatory compliance, and the human aspect of reducing staff through lay-offs or closure
  • Strategic alliances: A strategic restructuring that can range from shared services or programs by two or more nonprofits to full merger, the creation of a new organization that integrates all program and administrative functions to increase quality and efficiency
  • Closing and divestiture: Closing or shifting some or all programmatic activities to another entity to continue the mission
  • Succession plans: For all levels of staff and board – preparing for future transitions
  • Short-term action plans: To get you moving on change strategies

Our Consultants

Our team are experts at the key elements of analyzing change – assessment, data collection, organizational alignment and implementation phases. We specialize in financial analysis, legal areas such as labor law or merger due diligence and fund development; other key fields are included as needed.

Our approach supports organizational transitions at multiple levels:

  • Emotional level: Understanding organizational history, culture and the people who guide and serve its mission are at the core of ensuring positive change.
  • Adaptive level: Addressing ways of being and thinking that are holding the organization back rather than propelling it forward. All nonprofit organizations can benefit from technical adjustments, but adaptive change transcends a technical “fix.” Adaptive change requires new approaches, new tools, new behaviors.
  • Strategic level: Thinking beyond the “survival” of the organization. What transition options will position it and its mission to emerge stronger, better prepared to thrive in a new future?
  • Technical level: Providing the expertise necessary to implement the transition plan, including but not limited to financial, human resources, legal and facilitation assistance.

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