Be Not Afraid—of Advocacy

Sadly, there is much to be afraid of as we see the policies of the new administration roll out. Immigrants, Muslims, transgender youth have all seen attacks, and this is only the beginning of how the new administration’s policies are impacting people in our communities.

The things we don’t have to be afraid of are protesting, fighting back, and advocating against these onerous policies. As nonprofits committed to social justice, it is our place—and responsibility—to challenge these actions.

Comprehensive Fiscal Sponsorship Helps Foundations Support the Most Promising New Nonprofits

How can the philanthropic sector best identify and support promising new initiatives? A different way to ask the question is what’s the difference between a ham sandwich and a new public charity? Not much these days as far as the IRS is concerned as there is no meaningful vetting being done on new applicants filing the Form 1023-EZ.

Grants for Nonprofits Aimed at Fighting Poverty in New England Communities

Boston, Mass., Monday, April 28, 2014 –TSNE MissionWorks today awarded a series of grants to seven Massachusetts and Rhode Island-based networks to accelerate their commitments toward ending poverty in the region. The grants, made through TSNE’s Inclusion Initiative program, will support the multi-sector networks in building a collaborative community of groups who will target their collective efforts at systemic issues that perpetuate economic inequality in the communities of color where they operate.


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