Valuing Our Workforce: How the Nonprofit Sector Can Support Millennials of Color in Boston

Thursday September 20, 2018
4:30 PM (Reception) to 6:30 PM
NonProfit Center, 89 South Street, Boston 02111

Rents, loans, transportation, food, taxes, healthcare: the cost of living in Boston is skyrocketing. Millennials of color are feeling the pinch and in order to attract and retain talented staff, nonprofits need to develop compensation strategies to make working in our sector a viable option. Through paying people equitably, offering flexibility, supporting personal and professional growth, and providing leadership opportunities, nonprofits have the ability to add much more value to their workforce in addition to raises.

Join TSNE MissionWorks at the NonProfit Center in downtown Boston for networking and conversations that explore ways nonprofits can enhance the experience of millennials of color working in the sector. This evening is presented as part of City Awake’s weeklong festival, Fierce Urgency of Now: Energizing Millennials of Color to Unlock Boston’s Promise.

Read more about the state of wage equity in the New England region, check out our Wage Equity Matters report.

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