260 Washington Street


TSNE is the owner and operator of the NonProfit Center in downtown Boston, a building that has provided below-market rental rates to nonprofit organizations in the face of skyrocketing real estate since 2004.

Based on the success of that venture, TSNE purchased 260 Washington Street in 2014 with a vision to develop a multi-purpose center designed to meet the needs of the Bowdoin-Geneva and Four Corners communities.

TSNE’s intention for the building is to create a long-term asset to be held for community use that is operated by an organization or group that is grounded in the community, and can address the needs of the neighborhood the building serves.

It is our priority to see community-based and community-driven activities and initiatives flourishing at 260 Washington Street.


It is important for TSNE to invest in our communities. As the founding capital partner of 260 Washington Street, we have been investing in the building and the community since 2014 because we want to see this facility become an active, robust community space that meets the needs of the Bowdoin-Geneva and Four Corners neighborhoods.

TSNE has invested $3.4 million+ in the space to date:

  • $1.4 million in direct funding to the Urban Guild to cover salaries, benefits, equipment, programming, and planning
  • $2 million to purchase, renovate, and maintain the ongoing operations and maintenance of the building



  • TSNE purchased 259-260 Washington Street
  • Partnership formed with the Sustainability Guild, International (SGI) to co-develop the property


  • Renovations made to 260 Washington Street
  • SGI begins occupying and operating the property


  • SGI establishes the Urban Guild, Inc. (The Guild) as a nonprofit 501(c)3


  • TSNE and The Guild move into a new phase of the partnership
  • TSNE agrees to gift 260 Washington Street to The Guild in one year if they meet mutually agreed upon metrics of sustainability

What's Next?

TSNE acknowledges that an engagement process with the community was not done when the building was originally purchased. TSNE is honoring that community process now, at this important juncture in time, to ensure that the 260 Washington Street space is meeting the needs of the Bowdoin-Geneva and Four Corners neighborhoods.