260 Washington Street

Dorchester, Massachusetts
Community Asset Building Project

In 2014, TSNE MissionWorks and the Urban Guild, Inc. embarked on a unique partnership formed to catalyze the development of a beautiful and self-supporting green building showcase which will serve as a destination for community connection, asset creation, healing, education, and neighborhood stabilization.

The development project at 260 Washington Street, located in the Four Corners neighborhood of Dorchester, Massachusetts, will be a vibrant, modular and inspiring community venue that will host an array of integrated businesses, programs, and initiatives that model sustainability, community leadership and holistic development. The design and use of interior, exterior and adjacent spaces will offer a platform for innovative opportunities around integrated learning, value creation, and project-based policymaking.

The 260 Washington Street project will create an innovative and dynamic social, environmental and economic ecosystem in the building that will be as a long-term asset held for community use.