Leader in the Healthy Communities Movement Gets a New Name

Healthy Places by Design is the new name of our partner in community health, Active Living by Design.

When Healthy Places by Design launched in 2002 as Active Living by Design, a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the organization was at the forefront of the “active living movement.” Since then, its team has partnered with foundations and communities across the country to help shift the conversation toward one that recognizes how the places where we live affect our health. Their work has demonstrated that by reshaping policies, systems, and environments, multi-sector community partnerships can help everyone achieve their full health potential. Community-led and equity-driven, the organization has embraced a new name that reflects this evolution: Healthy Places by Design. To learn more, explore the new website at www.healthyplacesbydesign.org

Josh Sattely, TSNE MissionWorks' Compliance and Legal Affairs Specialist, was one of our first staff members to work with Healthy Places by Design when they transitioned out of their previous home at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and now serves on their advisory board. He said of their announcement, "MissionWorks' relationship with Healthy Places by Design is one grounded in trust and mutual respect. We were humbled by the opportunity to partner with ALBD to advance their pioneering work in the "active living movement" and are now excited and inspired to support Healthy Places by Design as they lead the charge in unlocking the capacity of community-led initiatives at the front and center of social change."

As Healthy Living by Design's fiscal sponsorship of choice, we congratulate them on their new name and recommitment to their mission.

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