New Report Addresses the Nonprofit Racial Leadership Gap in Massachusetts

Building Movement Project releases their Massachusetts report on the nonprofit racial leadership gap.

The Building Movement Project has released a special report on the nonprofit racial leadership gap in Massachusetts with the support of the Barr Foundation. This report was based on data collected for the Building Movement Project's earlier work on "Race to Lead: Confronting the Racial Leadership Gap", a national look at the state of diversity and inclusion within the nonprofit sector's leadership.

The Massachusetts report focused on what the data indicated were differences between people of color and white responders, and compared Massachusetts to national survey data.

The Barr Foundation and The Boston Foundation convened a panel of local nonprofit leaders to discuss the Massachusetts report. You can watch the recording below:

Further Readings

TSNE also prepared a joint report with the Boston Foundation on where Greater Boston nonprofits stand during this historic inflection point of unprecedented leadership transitions within and outside the sector. Read the report, "Opportunity in Change: Preparing Boston for Leader Transitions and New Models of Nonprofit Leadership".

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