TSNE Releases New Strategic Plan in 2022 Annual Report

In our 2022 annual report, we unveil our updated mission, vision, values, and goals, along with a new three-year strategic plan.

For more than six decades, TSNE has been a trusted partner to thousands of organizations and leaders working towards a just and equitable society. Over this time, we have learned and evolved alongside the nonprofit sector as we adapted our work to address the persistent challenges in our communities.  

In our 2022 annual report, we unveil our updated mission, vision, values, and goals, along with a new three-year strategic plan. The programming and partnerships in this year’s report detail how we are expanding our efforts to support the complex needs of the nonprofit sector. Our staff are joining the national conversation on what nonprofits need, and our program teams are exploring ways to provide our capacity building services to the nonprofits who have historically lacked the financial resources or operational ability to access them. With this three-year plan, we are building a framework that champions equity and access in the sector.  

“As TSNE continues to evolve, we are focusing on strengthening our commitment to equity,” said Elaine Ng, TSNE’s President and CEO. “Our new strategic plan provides a roadmap for our continuing impact through the development of a strong internal understanding for how to implement equitable practices, ultimately impacting the way we embed equity into our work supporting nonprofits. Our focused values of social justice, committing resources to support progress towards a just society, and bolstering the capacity and sustainability of organizations that work towards social good are the pillars of our commitment.”  

Our own journey as a capacity builder has led us through several iterations—from our start supporting public and community health research in Massachusetts as the nation’s first fiscal sponsor, expanding that model in 1995 to supporting nonprofit organizations, and eventually starting the first multi-tenant nonprofit center in Massachusetts. Today, we’ve grown into a regionally rooted provider of executive search, fiscal sponsorship, organizational development consulting, and property services consulting and management for nonprofits around the country. As the nonprofit sector continues to evolve, this new strategic plan and our updated mission and values provides the roadmap for us to continue our evolution. We are grateful for the insight and feedback from our community, whose guidance was critical to ensure we center diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in all that we do.

Thank you.

Read our 2022 annual report.

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