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Blue Butterfly Collaborative

Blue Butterfly Collaborative uses the appeal, power, and impact of children’s media to advance international development aims. They support the execution of large-scale, evidence-based education projects in areas of need throughout the world. Using a highly flexible project management model, they build in-country capacity to manage, develop, distribute, and evaluate high-quality media to catalyze positive change in children's attitudes, knowledge, and behavior.

Blue Butterfly believes that international development works best when projects are conceptualized and executed at a local level. Blue Butterfly works with local educators, producers, researchers and other specialists, helping them gain the tools and skills needed to drive the creation, distribution, and sustainability of high-quality educational media content, with a special focus on reaching children in great​​est need.

Targeting children ages 0-14 years old, they are committed to advancing critical educational goals in four intertwined educational domains:

  • Literacy, Math, and Science
  • Health and Well-Being
  • Peace Building
  • Arts and Culture

Their associates assist local, in-country partners by providing project management support, curriculum planning and content development training, and a range of monitoring, evaluation, and research services.

For more information contact Charlotte Cole, Executive Director, charlotte.cole@bbutterfly.org

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