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Collective Power for Reproductive Justice

After over 40 years as CLPP, a program of Hampshire College, the organization is growing and evolving into the next phase of its existence as Collective Power for Reproductive Justice, a national movement-building organization centering reproductive justice.

Their vision: A world where reproductive justice is a basic human right & the conditions to attain it are available to everyone.

Reproductive justice, a term coined by Black women in 1994, expands the conversation around abortion rights to include the impacts of racism and other intersecting oppressions.

At Collective Power for Reproductive Justice, they know that, in addition to abortion access, people need access to contraception, culturally proficient healthcare, housing, healthy food, safe environments, and the power and resources to realize those rights.

They take the reproductive justice framework to heart, creating a platform for social justice movements to weave together their work and mobilize across communities.

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