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Collective Power for Reproductive Justice

Collective Power for Reproductive Justice inspires, educates, and supports new activists and leadership to create a world in which reproductive health, rights, and justice are embedded in our collective liberation.

When we all come together from our different disciplines, backgrounds, and geographies the intersection of our collective power is transformative.

After nearly 40 years as CLPP, a program of Hampshire College, we are moving into the next phase of our existence as Collective Power for Reproductive Justice, a national movement-building organization centering reproductive justice. Reproductive justice, a term coined by Black women in 1994, expands the conversation around abortion rights to include the impacts of racism and other intersecting oppressions.

Our new name was literally born through the collective input and power of our community, of each of you. Collective Power is an intersectional, intuitive organic coming together of different voices, ideas, and disciplines. Together, we’ll always be working to push the growth edge, to center those most affected by reproductive oppression — to create space for new and radical thought.

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