Leadership Coaching

A hands-on, practical way to explore new levels of your leadership capabilities.

Coaching helps break down big challenges into achievable outcomes in a meaningful way. It facilitates progress on organizational challenges in the context of real and important work. Our coaching will help you enhance your effectiveness as a nonprofit leader.

Our results-driven coaching approach is designed to help you develop achievable goals and gain new levels of performance. We help you with: 

  • Defining Success: Our coaches define success in terms of measurable outcomes. As the first critical steps to a coaching engagement, we define meaningful results and target 3-4 challenge areas to focus our work.
  • Information Gathering: Whether the challenge is organizational or leadership focused, the coach and client determine together what additional information, verification or input from within and outside the organization is needed to understand and support success in meeting the performance challenge.
  • Action Planning and Measuring Outcomes: Based on the agreed-upon goals, a specific action plan will be developed with measurable outcomes and benchmarks that take advantage of the client’s job responsibilities and normal business processes. Each indicator is monitored to measure progress and maintain momentum toward success.
  • Ongoing Support: We will schedule regular check-ins — often coinciding with events and opportunities identified in the Action Plan. Check-ins early in the engagement are typically more frequent. Those early steps are often the most challenging, and more frequent meetings provide reinforcement to create new, adaptive behavior.

The benefits of leadership coaching

Our coaches provide confidential and frank feedback to support your expanding leadership horizons. We coach you through a process where your enhanced performance leads to real and sustained change. Our coaches:

  • Help articulate leadership and/or organizational challenge
  • Assist you in developing communication strategies about the change processes
  • Encourage your commitment to growth and change and risk-taking
  • Help you to understand blind spots and develop a culture of feedback
  • Support learning from experiences, including “successful failures”
  • Promote insights from your early wins and adaptive change
  • Connect you to reading and other resources

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