Upcoming Training and Events

Mar / 21 / 2023
Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation: Creating Inclusive Environments Many nonprofits are exploring ways to create more LGBTQ+ inclusive environments and foster greater gender equity in the workplace. Grounded in story-telling and interactive activities, this workshop will explore gender bias, gender identity, and sexual orientation, and the relationship these have to organizational policies and practices. We will pay special attention to the impact of COVID-19 on LGBTQ+ communities and other topics relevant to your organizations. 
Apr / 6 / 2023
Asking Without Anxiety: Gain Confidence Asking Your Donors for a Gift The pandemic has changed how we communicate — but most of your donors still want to support your important work. In this interactive online workshop, you will learn how to confidently reach out to your donors using Zoom, other online video tools, or in-person.
Apr / 13 / 2023
Effective Supervision Part II: A Deeper Dive into Decision Making, Communication and Performance Management (in-person) Successful supervisors start with curiosity and awareness of their own supervisory and communication style, as well as their particular cultural lens. By expanding their view and skillfully shifting these default approaches, they can more fully develop staff and maximize performance. This highly participatory and reflective training takes a deeper look at concepts discussed in TSNE MissionWorks’ Effective Supervision workshop.
May / 2 / 2023
Adaptive Supervision (May) Learn how to identify what individual staff need around various aspects of their jobs and their particular challenges, and understand the importance of adapting your supervisory approach and communication style in support of staff success, and how to put that into practice.
May / 17 / 2023
Building Supervisor-Staff Relationships Through Communication (May) Through this 120-minute interactive session on effective supervisory communication, participants will understand the importance of soliciting feedback and learn approaches to building this into their supervisory practice.
May / 31 / 2023
Performance Management (May) Explore the ways that adaptive communication and feedback contribute to supporting, developing, and managing successful employees, understand the dynamic continuum of employee performance, and learn and practice a model of performance management that focuses on adaptive communication and feedback strategies.