Upcoming Training and Events

Mar / 13 / 2019
Battle for Hearts and Minds Frustrated by the way the public thinks and talks about the issues you care about? This workshop will break through the mystique of the public narrative, present clear strategies to identify the current state of hearts and minds around your cause, and offer ways you can begin to shift the way people think.
Mar / 19 / 2019
Organizational Lifecycles and Leadership There are unique management and leadership needs at different stages in an organization’s lifecycle. How can you identify where you are, where you might be going and what’s the best way to help you get there? In this workshop, you’ll become familiar with two developmental organizational models, identify the stage of your organization, and consider the implications for management and leadership structures.
Apr / 18 / 2019
Align Your Mission to Your Nonprofit Programming This workshop will take program and front line staff through a series of questions and group activities that will help them design an effective logic model to propel their organization.