Interim Executive Placement

Stabilize Your Nonprofit During a Leadership Transition with an Interim Executive Director

Interim Executive Placement is intended for nonprofits undergoing a leadership transition and looking for stability and a little breathing room during the transition period. Interim executive directors have extensive experience in keeping organizations operational. Placement of an interim executive will allow your organization the time needed to prepare for and conduct the search process while freeing non-executive staff and the board from taking on the former executive’s work in addition to their current duties. TSNE can bundle together executive search and interim executive placement for a seamless onboarding and transition process.

What are the Benefits of Hiring an Interim Nonprofit Leader?

  • Efficient use of time. Hiring an interim executive director gives the organization the space it needs to organize a search process.
  • Stabilization. An interim executive director provides stability to an organization in turmoil.
  • Objectivity when most needed. A strong, clear, and unbiased internal operations analysis.
  • Relieves staff workload. Oftentimes, one or more of the staff is doing the work of the former executive director.
  • Keeps board and staff roles separated. This is especially true among small nonprofits where board volunteers may double as staff already.
  • Preserves organization’s visibility, reputation, and key donor relations. An interim executive director is an important relationship maintainer and communicator.

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