Our Fiscally Sponsored Organizations

Image of a women at a fiscally sponsored organization
Our professional and committed staff provide a seamless suite of back-office administrative supports that allow our fiscally sponsored organizations to focus on their programming and achieve their mission. We are proud to be a partner with nonprofits and the work that they do. Learn more about the benefits of fiscal sponsorship.
Massachusetts Food System Collaborative The Massachusetts Food System Collaborative supports collective action toward an equitable, sustainable, resilient, and connected local food system in Massachusetts. They envision a local food system where everyone has access to healthy food, to land to grow food, to good jobs, and to the systems where policy decisions are made. They build coalitions to develop policy ideas, lead and participate in advocacy campaigns, educate the public about the value of a healthy local food system, and amplify the creative and successful work of local food system innovators.
Massachusetts Voter Table The Massachusetts Voter Table advances civic access, engagement, and representation to increase resources and power for people of color and working-class people toward achieving a multiracial democracy. The Massachusetts Voter Table is committed to a long-term organizing strategy that advances our vision of a more democratic and equitable society.
Mattapan Food and Fitness Coalition The Mattapan Food and Fitness Coalition (MFFC) is a collaborative organization, bringing together Mattapan residents, organizations and others to work on improving the food and physical activity environments in Mattapan, Massachusetts. MFFC promotes healthy behaviors through its membership, its networks, and its partnerships with other organizations. MFFC provides leadership through community engagement. Impact: Food, Agriculture, and Nutrition Make a donation
MLPB MLPB equips communities of care with legal education and problem-solving insight that fosters prevention, health equity and human-centered system change. Through training, consultation and technical assistance — their team-facing legal partnering framework — they help teams and organizations better connect people and populations to the resources and legal protections they seek.
National Network of Fiscal Sponsors The National Network of Fiscal Sponsors promotes the understanding and professional practice of fiscal sponsorship.
PACEs Connection PACEs Connection, an ever-growing social network, connects those who are implementing trauma-informed and resilience-building practices based on ACEs science. The network’s 40,000+ members share their best practices, while inspiring each other to grow the PACEs (Positive & Adverse Childhood Experiences) movement.
Population Health Improvement Partners Population Health Improvement Partners aims to help the US become the healthiest country in the world. They are a group of improvers, learners and change agents who are passionate about partnering to equitably improve population health outcomes and create a healthier world.
Public Finance Initiative The Public Finance Initiative (PFI) is a nonprofit that specializes in developing public finance programs that center the values of equity, sustainability, and inclusive growth in fiscal decision-making with leading foundations & partners. PFI is the successor entity to The Civic Innovation Project (CIP) — an organization founded in 2015 to develop and host joint programs that would further city-to-city learning and build the capacity of governments to use technology and data to improve governance and decision-making.
Revere Youth in Action Revere Youth in Action (RYiA) builds youth and community power through organizing, art and education and working in coalitions for social justice. Impact: Civil Rights, Social Action, and Advocacy Make a donation
Rhode Island Land Trust Council The Rhode Island Land Trust Council works to permanently conserve open and natural lands in Rhode Island by supporting land trusts, promoting responsible use and stewardship of conserved lands, and advocating for sound land conservation policy.
Safe Havens Interfaith Partnership Against Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse Safe Havens empowers diverse faith communities and their local service providers to work together to end domestic and sexual violence and elder abuse.
School and State Finance Project The School and State Finance Project is a nonpartisan, nonprofit policy organization that works collaboratively with policymakers, communities, and other key stakeholders to develop data-driven solutions that ensure all Connecticut public school students receive equitable education funding that supports their learning needs.
The Basics, Inc. The Basics, Inc. grew out of the Achievement Gap Initiative at Harvard University in partnership with the Black Philanthropy Fund in Boston. Their mission is to bolster brain development for social, emotional, and cognitive skill building among children from birth to age three as a sturdy foundation for school readiness across whole communities.
The Carrot Project The Carrot Project supports agricultural businesses securing their futures by breaking down financial barriers, and building their path to sustainability.
The Dream Network The Dream Network is helping to form a collective vision of what social justice and mobility should look like in the City of Lawrence, MA.