Foundations Present Local Findings of Leadership New England Report

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Nearly 100 nonprofits convened at the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven's presentation of the Leadership New England report.

"64% of nonprofit executives say they plan to leave in the next five years." This was the finding from our Leadership New England report.

TSNE's Director of Partnerships and Leadership Initiatives, Hez Norton, has been making the rounds to foundations and communities around New England to present our findings on the challenges facing leaders in the nonprofit sector. The report collected survey data from over 1,200 leaders and board members who responded to the survey in New England. In each presentation, Norton took the data one step further and talked about what the results mean to the long-term sustainability of the nonprofit sector.

Rhode Island Fdn.jpg
Rhode Island Foundation presents the findings of the Leadership New England report.

Through presentations, webinars, and panels organized by report sponsors such as the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, the Initiative for Nonprofit Excellence at the Rhode Island Foundation, and Common Good Vermont, the report reveals that nonprofits need to shift their focus to sustainability planning, collaborative governance, and robust investment in order to prepare the sector for a generational change in leadership.

Here are some quick figures from local reports:

  • 55% of nonprofits in Greater New Haven have fewer than 5 staff. 56% of them have budgets under $1 million.
  • Vermont has the youngest leaders, with only 29% of nonprofit executives over the age of 55.
  • There is a gender gap in salary for female leaders in Hartford, with 9% of them earning over $200k compared to 35% of male leaders.

Read the full report and find your local results in the interactive database.