Health Foundation Awards $200,000 Grant to Launch “The Campaign for a Stronger Connecticut: Building Bridges to Better Health”

“The campaign is a new approach in advancing the issue of health equity that has plagued this state for too long.” Bob McKinnon, founder of GALEWiLL Design

HARTFORD, CONN. – January 16, 2013 The Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health) Board of Directors awarded TSNE MissionWorks an 18-month $200,000 grant to launch "The Campaign for a Stronger Connecticut: Building Bridges to Better Health" in conjunction with GALEWiLL Design. The campaign, which aligns with CT Health’s objective to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities, targets leaders in business, education, health and communities. "The Campaign for a Stronger Connecticut" was created to help these leaders understand and address the critical link between the strength of their organizations and the health of their people.

Sanford Cloud Jr., board chairman of CT Health, says “Traditionally, the approach to engage people on this issue has been to appeal to people’s sense of fairness and moral obligation – with little traction to show for it. Research conducted by the founders of GALEWiLL Design shows that it takes a different strategy to appeal to people on this issue.”

Previously, the Connecticut Conference of Churches worked with GALEWiLL Design to engage leaders in education, health, business, and community organizations to develop a strategic framework for communicating about the elimination of disparities in Connecticut. The grant to TSNE MissionWorks will specifically support the launch through the development and dissemination of an online toolkit and collateral materials, and will provide technical assistance to sector-based grantees and stakeholders.

Bob McKinnon, founder of GALEWiLL says, “CT Health has had a long and strong commitment to improving health equity across the state and we’re thrilled that they are willing to try this new approach to a long standing problem. There is no organization in the state better suited to tackling the issue in this way. They are honest brokers who can bring leaders together not just to do what we think the right thing is for society, but what is also right for their respective organizations.”

Read the full announcement at the Connecticut Health Foundation.