Joel Barrera Named as Governor-elect's Deputy Chief of Staff

TSNE congratulates Joel Barrera, a former longtime member of our Board of Directors, Executive Director of Commonwealth Seminar and Chief Deputy Director of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, on being named the Deputy Chief of Staff for Cabinet Relations with Governor-elect Charlie Baker.

As he transitions from Executive Director of the Commonwealth Seminar to the Governor's office, Barrera leaves a 10 year legacy of opening the doors of the state house to a whole generation of diverse leaders. Almost 1,000 individuals have graduated from the seminar program which provides legislative training, networking opportunities with top policymakers, and access to public service job opportunities for diverse leaders in Massachusetts.

As the Chief Deputy Director of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council since 2008, Barrera helped to lead the agency's expansion into new fields such as Public Health and Clean Energy and in bringing municipalities together on Massachusetts health insurance reform.

We’re honored to have had Joel Barrera on our board and to be Commonwealth Seminar’s fiscal sponsor, providing administrative support and strategic guidance. We wish him the best in the new administration.

Read the Boston Globe story about the appointment here.