Leadership Coaching & Development

Leadership programs for nonprofit executives and boards focused on building capacity to lead sustainable and impactful organizations that are responsive to change

TSNE MissionWorks’ Leadership Coaching and Development Program is grounded in the knowledge that the nonprofit sector will experience significant shifts in leadership in the next decade. Nonprofit leaders will transition or leave and many organizations may not be prepared to be forward-thinking or strategic about leveraging a moment of change to move the organization forward.

What We Offer

What's Next offers succession planning and organizational sustainability strategies for long-time leaders.

The Executive Directors Guide is loaded with practical, real world information to help executive directors create and sustain healthy, effective organizations. The guide also includes examples and advice on collaborating to build a robust nonprofit sector.

Leadership Coaching is designed to help clients gain new performance levels and develop practical strategies to to achieve their organization’s goals.

Leadership New England is a survey of over 1,200 regional nonprofit leaders and board. The report points to the essential shifts that sector needs to make to support its leaders.


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