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Massachusetts Coalition of Domestic Workers

The Massachusetts Coalition of Domestic Workers (MCDW, pronounced “MAC-DEW”) works to bring racial and social justice and dignity to all domestic workers in the state.

The vision: Bringing justice, respect and dignity to all domestic workers in Massachusetts.

The mission: Strengthening organizations’ capacity to organize, advocate, empower and develop the leadership of domestic workers.

The goals:

  1. Meeting the immediate needs of domestic workers in Massachusetts, while creating material conditions for needs to be met systemically and structurally.
  2. Serving as a unifying platform to gather data, make policy recommendations, address decision makers ,and engage the public.
  3. Building partnerships with organizations that work with immigrant communities, and enhancing and supporting the existing work of our member and partner organizations.
  4. Growing membership of the coalition and elevating worker leaders within the organization and movement.

Impact: Civil Rights, Social Action, and Advocacy

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