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MLPB equips the healthcare and human services workforce with legal problem-solving strategies that address health-related social needs. By doing so, they advance health equity for consumers and communities.

They help the healthcare and human services workforce be all they can be for individuals and families with health-related social needs. Their team has deep expertise in cross-sector, trans-disciplinary communication, systems design, and problem-solving, and operates in a continuous quality improvement environment.

  1. Technical assistance regarding social determinants of health (SDH) systems design
  2. Workforce development and inter-professional education regarding SDH, available remedies in law and public policy, and best practices for engaging with "gate-keeping" roles
  3. Rapid response consultation service for team members regarding consumer's negative SDH and role-appropriate problem-solving strategies
  4. Legal care coordination, including safe hand-offs of individuals and families with acute/complex problems to appropriate, accessible legal specialists
  5. Policy change and research contributions regarding investments in SDH-related infrastructure

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