Networking Nonprofits Fostering social change by supporting nonprofit networking and collaboration.

When nonprofits work together—or with businesses, schools, civic organizations, or the government—they enhance the potential for their programs and services to have a greater impact. TSNE MissionWorks support nonprofits working together to create the change they seek in the world. Our training, convenings, events and grant program offer opportunities for groups to learn, share and to work together toward common goals. We also provide technical assistance to nonprofits interested in forming networks, coalitions or strategic alliances.

Our networking initiatives were informed and enhanced from eight years of grantmaking through our Capacity Building Fund which was an experimental grant program that funded nonprofits to learn to work in collaboration. It was designed around a key assumption about how nonprofits achieve change—namely together, not alone. It was also designed to provide a counterpoint to the traditional funding of individual nonprofits and instead provided funding to groups of organizations that shared an aspiration for their community or their issue.

To learn more about TSNE’s approach to networking, read our report Funding Learning Networks for Community Impact. The report shares lessons learned for those in the sector interested in acting through networks to effect change.