Jul / 21 / 2017
TSNE Releases 2017 Nonprofit Workforce Compensation and Benefits Report Boston, Mass. July 21, 2017 — TSNE today released data from its 2017 Valuing Our Nonprofit Workforce: Compensation and Benefits Survey of Nonprofits in Southern New England and Westchester County, NY. The survey is a multi-state survey based on data reported by a range of nonprofits and with job descriptions specific to the region’s nonprofit sector.
Apr / 28 / 2017
TSNE Aids Grassroots Groups With Grants to Support Community Organizing TSNE today announces grant initiatives aimed at supporting the efforts of grassroots, community groups in the region to organize and collaborate around issues impacting communities of color and emerging threats to the civil liberties of immigrants and other vulnerable populations.
Jan / 3 / 2017
TSNE Names Lee Swislow as Interim Chief Executive Officer TSNE is pleased to announce that Lee Swislow has been named as its Interim Chief Executive Officer. She is replacing Jonathan Spack, the long-time CEO of TSNE, who retired in December 2016 after 34 years of service to the organization. You can read Jonathan Spack's retirement announcement on our website.
Oct / 27 / 2016
P. Stewart Lanier Is Selected as a Recipient of the 2016 Drylongso Award from Community Change, Inc. TSNE is pleased to announce that our senior consultant, P. Stewart Lanier, has been selected as a recipient of the 2016 Drylongso Racial Justice Leadership Award from Community Change, Inc. Stewart will receive this award, along with other recipients, at the 2016 Community Change Antiracism Leadership Awards on Friday, November 18 in Roxbury, Mass.
Aug / 11 / 2016
TSNE welcomes two seasoned nonprofit leaders to its staff Two seasoned Boston-area nonprofit leaders, Sylvia Saavedra-Keber and Elaine Ng, join the staff of TSNE this month. Our programs continue to expand regionally and across the country, the experience that Sylvia and Elaine bring to TSNE will enhance our capacity to serve our constituents.
Jul / 11 / 2016
TSNE's Long-Time Chief Executive Officer Announces His Retirement TSNE today announced that the nonprofit organization’s long-time Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Spack, is retiring at the end of 2016, starting a leadership transition process over the next six months. Jonathan’s decision to retire will bring to a close a remarkable career of 34 years of service to TSNE.
Nov / 12 / 2015
Foundations Present Local Findings of Leadership New England Report Nearly 100 nonprofits convened at the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven's presentation of the Leadership New England report. "64% of nonprofit executives say they plan to leave in the next five years." This was the finding from our Leadership New England report.
Oct / 31 / 2015
TSNE releases its Hartford-area Leadership New England report. TSNE recently released the results of the Hartford-area Leadership New England report, prepared for the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving (HFPG). Based on data gathered from nonprofit leaders in the larger New England region, the Hartford-area brief focuses on the 172 survey responses from the HFPG grantmaking area. The area includes most cities and towns in Hartford County.
Oct / 2 / 2015
Bringing Innovation to Dorchester's Four Corners Neighborhood William Brah of the Venture Development Center at UMASS Boston interviewed Jhana Senxian about the 260 Washington Street Project: Jhana Senxian is the Founder and CEO of the Sustainability Guild, a direct action network of urban residents who re-imagine and redevelop their communities. Jhana is a social anthropologist and entrepreneur who hails from Boston’s Grove Hall community. She’s actively changing the systems which lead to social problems in the urban core.
Jun / 10 / 2015
TSNE Releases Leadership New England Report New report profiles nonprofit leaders in New England, points to challenges with many seasoned leaders planning to leave in the next five years. Two-thirds of the nonprofit leaders surveyed plan to leave their jobs within five years. Points to challenges in raising capital, board governance and need for investment in staff professional development.