Prosecutor Impact

Founded in 2016, Prosecutor Impact is a not-for-profit organization built around the mission of improving community safety in the United States through a better understanding of the most important actor in the criminal justice system: the criminal prosecutor.

7 Things Nonprofits Can Do to Support Millennials of Color in the Sector

Rents, loans, transportation, food, taxes, healthcare: the cost of living in America’s cities is skyrocketing. Millennials of color are feeling the pinch and in order to attract and retain talented staff, companies — especially in the nonprofit sector — need to develop strategies to make working in the sector a viable option.

Flu Season is Back. How Nonprofits Should Prepare

Flu season is back. Flu activity most often peaks in February and can last into May. In New England and across the nation, employers are gearing up for the yearly problems that come with this time of year. The most recent weekly U.S. report from the CDC shows that cases of the flu are increasing. Now is the time to make sure that your policies both prepare your organization for and act as preventatives against the illnesses.

Telling your Nonprofit’s Story in the Digital Age

Great storytelling is the best way to capture the attention, as well as the hearts and minds, of your supporters. In this workshop, Julia Campbell, author of the new book, “Storytelling in the Digital Age: A Guide for Nonprofits”, will walk you step-by-step through the process of creating digital storytelling campaigns to raise awareness and funds, increase engagement with your online community, and accomplish your marketing goals.

Embracing Organizational Conflicts as Opportunities for Dialogue and Learning

When thinking about long-term conflicts in your organization, do some particularly unsolvable headaches come to mind? Have you looked at some of these issues more closely and realized that there is no decisive solution to them? Some of these conflicts that always seem to come back or never seem to go away may be "chronic tensions", a fact of life in any kind of work.

Immigrants' Rights Activists Point the Way to Building Grassroots Leadership and Solidarity

With a wave of anti-immigrant policies sweeping our nation, the Center to Support Immigrant Organizing (CSIO) has released a new report, Unlocking Leadership for Social Change: Immigrant Perspectives on Grassroots Transformation, which identifies successful strategies to building leadership in immigrant communities.


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