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TSNE MissionWorks engages with organizations at various points in their organizational life cycle. These phases include:

  • Idea Can this dream be realized? The founders have a concept and initial idea of programs and services
  • Start-Up How are we going to pull this off? The organization emerges by providing initial program and services. However, there are limited resources and the organization doesn’t have formal governance, management, and systems.
  • Growing How can we build this to be viable and scaled-up? The organization is scaling and growing. It begins to create formalized financial management, marketing and other operational functions.
  • Mature How can the momentum be maintained? The organization is well established and effectively scaled its services and programs. Overall, the organization operations smoothly.
  • Renewal What do we need to redesign? The organization is at a critical decision-point and has embarked on strategic turnaround process with constituents, funders, board members, and other stakeholders.
  • Decline What options do we have? The organization is in a state of decline due to lack of purpose, quality, credibility, and adequate financial resources. 
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