TSNE releases its Hartford-area Leadership New England report.

TSNE recently released the results of the Hartford-area Leadership New England report, prepared for the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving (HFPG). Based on data gathered from nonprofit leaders in the larger New England region, the Hartford-area brief focuses on the 172 survey responses from the HFPG grantmaking area. The area includes most cities and towns in Hartford County. The 123 leader responses and 49 board responses from the HFPG area were compared statistically to the regional data set for several key measures, and significant differences which are reported in the key findings.

In the report, TSNE found that Hartford-area leaders have made significant advances compared to their New England peers in areas like succession planning and diversity. However, there are areas for improvement, as evidenced by differences in how nonprofit leaders and board members perceive the effectiveness of their boards. TSNE's recommendations to Hartford-area leaders are spelled out in the report.

Results from the entire state of Connecticut can be accessed through the Leadership New England interactive website with searchable state-by-state data on nonprofit leadership in the region.

Download the Hartford-area finding and recommendations.