Trust for Learning Announces Fiscal Sponsorship with TSNE MissionWorks

"Funders Launch Collaborative Effort to Create More Self-Motivated Learners and Innovative Problem Solvers in Nation’s Schools"

Trust for Learning Will Promote Changes in How, What, and When Children Learn And Expand Availability of Proven Methods for Disadvantaged Students

Boston—June 6, 2013—As states and communities nationwide focus on raising academic standards, introducing more rigorous assessments, strengthening teaching, and promoting more time for students to master core academic content, a group of donors has launched a new fund to advance a fundamentally different approach to educating young people.

A growing number of foundations—including the Fairfield, Conn.-based McCall Kulak Family Foundation, the Boston-based McTeague Catalyst Fund, and the Dallas-based Harold Simmons Foundation—have joined forces to establish Trust for Learning, a collaborative fund that supports proven approaches that help more children become the independent, self-motivated, and mature problem solvers so highly prized by employers and higher education today.

Trust for Learning advances improvements in education based on research on brain development and learning that indicates that academic achievement and socio-emotional competence are vitally interrelated. The most effective way to foster high levels of learning is to foster these aspects of children’s development.

About Trust for Learning

Trust for Learning is a collaborative fund focusing on the interrelation of three pillars of high quality early childhood education: start a child's education in the earliest years, build social-emotional skills along with academic skills, and place the child at the center of the education design.

Trust for Learning operates under the fiscal sponsorship of TSNE MissionWorks.

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