TSNE MissionWorks heads fiscal sponsorship network, charts path for new membership drive

Boston, Mass., Thursday, February 7, 2013 – TSNE MissionWorks today announced that its Executive Director, Jonathan Spack, will take over as chair of the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors (NNFS) Steering Committee for 2013-14. NNFS is a professional network of nonprofit organizations that advance the public benefit by facilitating the development and growth of charitable, mission-driven activities. NNFS also promotes the understanding and professional practice of fiscal sponsorship which can include financial management, grant administration, legal compliance and other administrative and capacity-building services to nonprofits.

"TSNE MissionWorks is honored to be the new home for the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors," says Mr. Spack. "We look forward to collaborating with our colleagues on new field-building initiatives that bring greater awareness of the benefits of fiscal sponsorship." As per the NNFS rotating leadership structure, Mr. Spack takes over as chair from M. Melanie Beene, President and CEO of San Francisco-based Community Initiatives. "We are grateful to Community Initiatives for their excellent stewardship," says Spack. "I'm excited to be working with NNFS at a time when we will open our network to new members to contribute to this very important field of work."

The National Network of Fiscal Sponsors plans to open its membership to other organizations that provide fiscal sponsorship services. In anticipation of its membership drive, NNFS has recently launched a new website ( that includes information on fiscal sponsorship guidelines, best practices, and resources for practitioners, foundations and individual donors.