Urgent Response Fund


Protesters at Logan International Airport in Boston. Scott Eisen/Getty Images

In the Spring of 2017, TSNE MissionWorks experimented with an Urgent Response Fund in an effort to support the emerging need for grantmakers to provide financial resources to community organizers who were coordinating rapid responses to policy shifts that threaten the civil liberties of immigrants and other vulnerable populations.

This project was the result of the Innovation Fund, a TSNE MissionWorks staff-led effort that supports new or innovative programming after the organization’s normal budget process is complete. The proposal writing and voting process for the Urgent Response Fund took less than three weeks and allocated $30,000 toward the program from April 20-June 30, 2017.

"The ‘battle’ is literally on our doorstep ... so the nature of the Urgent Response Fund is particularly important to us right now! Thank you, thank you! $1,000 in funding support...will take us far." An organization supporting 'Know your Rights' training in different languages