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A Way Home Washington

A Way Home Washington is a growing movement dedicated to ensuring these young people receive the support, care, and resources they need to overcome these barriers. We have one goal: preventing and ending youth homelessness in Washington state.

We do this through:

  • Awareness: We are committed to shedding light on the often overlooked reality of youth homelessness—changing perceptions about homelessness and helping draw attention to the problem at both a state and local community level.
  • Connection: We work with partners across Washington state to connect youth with stable housing and employment, education, and health services. By engaging on a local level, we also hope to connect communities with one another to discuss common barriers and solutions for ending youth homelessness.
  • Action: We know local communities are resourceful, innovative, and know their backyards better than anybody else. That’s why we are going deep in regions across Washington state—working with local partners to develop solutions that meet their unique needs and circumstances.

Working together, we can prevent and end youth homelessness and write a new future for Washington’s youth.

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