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We customize trainings to meet your needs on topics including human resources, organizational development, and sustainability. Explore our roster of personalized opportunities below and contact us to find out how you can start investing in your staff and mission today.


A good governance structure is critical to the success of nonprofits. Our consultants will work with you to help build a solid partnership between your board and leadership while clarifying the roles and responsibilities around the board’s overall stewardship of the organization.



Moving Beyond Diversity to Inclusion

Focused on racial diversity, this training takes the next step toward moving beyond the individualism of diversity to the systemic and cultural change needed to build inclusive organizations where employee participation is respected and valued.


SUCCESSION PLANNING and sustainability

By planning ahead for a leadership transition, organizations understand their key vulnerabilities and strengths, build the leadership capacity of staff, align staff development with strategic vision, and strengthen board leadership. We can help your organization plan for the future to ensure that you are creating a more sustainable organization moving into the future.




Effective Supervision

Effective supervision contributes directly to mission effectiveness and creates a culture of mutual respect between employees and supervisors. We have trained nearly 3,000 supervisors from 400 organizations to help them identify their supervisory style, adapt supervisory approaches, and strengthen supervisory communication.

Advanced Supervision and Performance Management

This participatory and reflective training takes a deeper look at concepts explored in Effective Supervision. In addition to considering adaptive decision making and practicing more sophisticated communication skills, participants will learn about and apply a model through which to manage staff performance.

Managing Up: Building an Effective Relationship with Your Supervisor

The supervisory relationship is a two-way street, but power differentials can make staff hesitant to assert their needs. This training develops the skills of engaged listening, questioning assumptions, and giving and receiving feedback to ensure that staff are getting the support, information, and professional development opportunities they need from their supervisors.


Creating a Respectful Workplace: Anti-Harassment and Bullying

Inclusive and respectful workplace culture minimizes incidents of harassment and bullying. This training builds staff knowledge about your organization’s specific anti-harassment policies, practices, and procedures. Staff will practice the skills they need to take personal responsibility for contributing to organizational culture and addressing harassment and exclusionary workplace behavior.


The following training opportunities are suited for convenings of human resources professionals and can be developed in partnership with funders and other capacity building organizations.

Building Values Based Human Resources Practices

Organizations that walk their talk, live their core values, and embed them in their everyday practices are more successful in attracting and retaining passionate and committed staff. This training will help you develop and implement human resources systems and practices that are reflective of your organizational values.

Implementing Racial Equity Through Human Resources

We will help you build an action plan to bring your human resources practices more closely into alignment with your organization’s commitment to racial equity. You will also learn about and practice skills to initiate and lead conversations related to institutionalizing equitable policies, systems, and practices.


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