Upcoming Training and Events

May / 24 / 2022
Building Supervisor-Staff Relationships Through Communication (May) (This workshop is full.) Through this 120-minute interactive session on effective supervisory communication, participants will understand the importance of soliciting feedback and learn approaches to building this into their supervisory practice.
Jun / 7 / 2022
Performance Management (June) (This workshop is full.) Be an effective supervisor: explore the ways that adaptive communication and feedback contribute to supporting, developing, and managing successful employees; understand the dynamic continuum of employee performance; and learn and practice a model of performance management that focuses on adaptive communication and feedback strategies.
Jun / 28 / 2022
Nonprofit Decision-Making Framework for Complex Challenges How can the leaders of nonprofit organizations develop and implement a decision-making framework that meets the challenges of today’s community service environment? What is the balance among providing sound information, supporting constructive consideration of options, and arriving at a consensus-based best outcome?