Executive Search and Transition

Prepare. Search. Thrive.

TSNE's executive search and transitions team helps nonprofit organizations find just the right fit. Our flexible, comprehensive search and transition strategy combines capacity building, staff and organizational development, as well as leadership coaching, with executive search to ensure your organization is positioned for long-term success.

We have successfully placed hundreds of executives in mission-driven organizations across all fields of the nonprofit sector. As your partner, we are dedicated to working nimbly and flexibly, focusing on understanding your unique needs and delivering results that set your organization up for years of success.

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What sets TSNE apart?

  • TSNE knows nonprofits because we are a nonprofit — this helps us understand the ever-changing needs of nonprofits and adapt when needed
  • Offers a personalized approach to executive search and transition with the resources and capacity of a larger institution
  • Dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion, not only in values, but in practice 
  • Collaboration at every level — from determining who makes up the search committee to designing the interview and vetting process, all the way to onboarding to ensure retention and a good fit
  • Our vast network and proactive outreach builds qualified and diverse candidate pools – TSNE engages active and passive candidates to ensure your nonprofit finds the perfect fit

An Approach for Every Nonprofit

TSNE’s foundational approach utilizes a three-phase process that sets us apart, ensuring our clients receive high quality, personalized services:

  • Prepare — TSNE will match your organization with an expert to complete a comprehensive assessment that leads to a well-informed executive leadership profile  
  • Search — A diverse and highly qualified pool of candidates will be sourced and screened by TSNE to ensure your organization will find the right fit. Our search experts will partner with you to lead a thoughtful and equitable search process, doing the heavy lifting in sourcing and screening candidates and then facilitating a careful selection process
  • Thrive — After your new executive is hired, TSNE will work with them and your organization to make sure the onboarding process is as smooth as possible


Comprehensive Executive Transition Support

Executive Transition Support is the full process – Prepare – Search – Thrive – described above, Starting with preparation and analysis of your organization’s specific needs and culminating in a successful onboarding, TSNE will help your organization set goals, foster board development, and facilitate executive coaching. This service is recommended for nonprofits that have not undergone significant organizational development efforts and are starting at square one. This service is also best for nonprofits undergoing significant organizational change or a long-term leadership transition.

Executive Search Support

Executive Search Support is focused on ensuring your organization is prepared for a search, building an applicant pool, executing the search process, and bringing the process to the close with a successful placement. This service is best for nonprofits ready to launch the search process but seeking external expertise. This service focuses primarily on executive roles and functions with an emphasis on C-Suite positions.

Interim Executive Placement

Interim Executive Placement is intended for nonprofits undergoing a leadership transition and looking for stability and a little breathing room during the transition period. Interim executive directors have extensive experience in keeping organizations operational. Placement of an interim executive will allow your organization the time needed to prepare for and conduct the search process while freeing non-executive staff and the board from taking on the former executive’s work in addition to their current duties. TSNE can bundle together executive search and interim executive placement for a seamless onboarding and transition process.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning is for organizations planning for the longer term and ensuring that when executive transitions become inevitable, the organization is prepared. The topic of succession is often taboo and discussing departures is not easy, but avoiding this planning comes at a great cost, leaving the organization unprepared for an executive transition. TSNE will conduct an assessment to identify the weaknesses or gaps and prioritize processes and procedures for development. We will work with your nonprofit to make sure that staff of all levels is aligned to the organization’s long-term strategic vision, ensuring the sustainability of the organization. This will also help your organization identify future leadership needs, assess organizational talent, and set you up for success, leaving your organization on solid footing for future departures and transitions.

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