Lessons from the Capacity Building Fund

In 2004, TSNE launched the Capacity Building Fund, a grantmaking program to challenge nonprofits to think differently about how they collaborate to address shared community concerns.

When the Capacity Building Fund ended in 2012, we compiled our learning in the report Funding Learning Networks for Community Impact.  Readers will discover the lessons learned from this eight-year grantmaking collaboration of nonprofits that planned, learned and built relationships that enabled them to work to achieve common goals.

Funding Learning Networks for Community Impacts includes:

  • Case studies, lessons learned and recommendations to funders seeking to support collaborative efforts among nonprofits.
  • Information about TSNE' experimental approach to grantmaking.
  • The stages in the development of learning networks.
  • Roles and functions that are success drivers for nonprofit networks.
  • How networks facilitate new ways of working together to support greater social impact.
  • How TSNE' Inclusion Initiative is integrating lessons from the CBF in a new grant program supporting cross-sector collaborations to end poverty in communities of color.

Download the "Funding Learning Networks for Community Impact" report.