Nonprofit Office and Meeting Space

TSNE provides spaces and places where nonprofits can work, learn and collaborate. Its office rentals, event space operations, and property management services offer nonprofits access to affordable, well-maintained and professionally managed facilities in Greater Boston. We are committed to renting spaces to nonprofits at below-market rates which, in our 15 years of operations, have generated millions of dollars in savings for nonprofits in the community.

Over the years we have welcomed thousands of visitors to our facilities and have hosted events, training, workshops, and dialogues that convene and connect nonprofits that are working for positive social change.

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The Properties We Manage

The NonProfit Center | Boston, Massachusetts

NonProfit Center

89 South Street, Boston, MA 02111 United States

Owned and operated by TSNE, the NonProfit Center is home to more than 50 nonprofits who serve the region. The building has nine floors of rentable office and coworking space and four state-of-the-art event facilities with meeting rooms, training spaces, and a fully equipped conference center. The NonProfit Center was the first mission-based, multi-tenant center for nonprofits in Massachusetts and it remains one of the largest centers in the United States.

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The Link | Kendall Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts

The Link

255 Main Street, 8th Floor, Cambridge, MA 02142 United States

Located in the heart of Kendall Square’s innovation district, The Link is a coworking, training and event space built to catalyze workforce development in the region. The Link weaves the Cambridge community together, providing residents with greater access to Kendall Square employers and career opportunities. The Link is a partnership between the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority, Boston Properties, and TSNE.

The Link hosts a cluster of rentable offices, classrooms and meeting spaces.

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99 Bishop Allen Drive | Central Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts

99 Bishop Allen Drive

99 Bishop Allen Drive, Cambridge, MA 02139 United States

In 2019, TSNE partnered with the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority to restore 99 Bishop Allen Drive, a building with a long history of housing nonprofit organizations. In conjunction with the CRA and the Cambridge Nonprofit Coalition, our team is consulting on the redevelopment of the property to ensure that it can continue to house nonprofits well into the future.