Valuing Our Nonprofit Workforce Survey 2023

Compensation benchmarks across the nonprofit sector have changed drastically since the start of COVID-19. But there are still disparities when it comes to ensuring equitable wages for nonprofit employees. This year’s Valuing Our Nonprofit Workforce study focuses on the compensation and benefit practices of nonprofits throughout New England. The results of this region-wide survey will be released as a free report and a searchable database in fall 2023. Public workshops are planned to help nonprofits effectively use this data as a strategic and benchmarking tool.

We Need Your Support

In sharing your organizational profile in this year’s Valuing Our Nonprofit Workforce study, you are contributing to the sector's overall understanding of compensation and benefits equity. We can’t do this work alone. It takes true intentionality to build a more equitable future for all and that requires the inclusion of more voices, experiences, and perspectives in this survey.

The 2023 Valuing Our Nonprofit Workforce Survey is supported, in part, by The Boston Foundation.

Take the Survey

Your responses will help us build a free resource on nonprofit compensation and benefits in the New England region. Deadline to complete the survey is June 30, 2023. We recommend accessing this blank copy of the survey to help you gather important information before sitting down to complete data entry.

If you have general questions about the survey, please contact Bobby Brickey at 617-896-9344 or by email at or Luzdy Rivera at 617-896-9396 or by email at For technical questions about completing and submitting this questionnaire please contact Rita Haronian of Nonprofit Compensation Associates, our survey consultant, at 510-645-1005 or

  • Have questions about the survey? Learn what kinds of information the survey asks for, our suggestions on how to fill it out, and the report we will be releasing in fall 2023. Watch the information session.


Take the Valuing Our Nonprofit Workforce Survey




About Our Work

For the past several years, TSNE has been looking at key trends in leadership, compensation, staff development and other areas that impact the resiliency of the nonprofit sector. Through this work we’ve published our findings and resources for free, because we believe this data should be accessible to all. 

In doing so, these findings continue to spark conversations and inspire decision-making that creates better strategies to build true equity. 

Historically, TSNE has been involved in developing these studies to continue providing nonprofit leaders with relevant data to inform and support equitable compensation decisions and practices. Our past reports have aimed to:

  • Empower nonprofit leaders to make informed hiring and pay decisions to more effectively plan for the future of their organizations
  • Help leaders explain compensation rates and policies to their employees and potential employees, in a meaningful context
  • Provide data that nonprofit boards need to determine appropriate compensation practices for executive directors and other top positions, as required for many nonprofits by IRS Section 990

Our reports include the Valuing Our Nonprofit Workforce compensation studies (2017, 2014 and 2010), Opportunity in Change (2017, with The Boston Foundation), and the Leadership New England report (2015).

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