Compensation and Benefits Data for Nonprofits

Valuing Our Nonprofit Workforce: A Compensation Survey Report

Valuing Our Nonprofit Workforce is a regional survey of nonprofit compensation and benefits from organizations in Southern New England, and Westchester County, New York.

2017 Compensation Report

From November 2016 to February 2017, TSNE MissionWorks, in partnership with regional sponsors and supporters, reached out to nonprofits across Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Southeastern New York State and adjoining communities to learn about their organizations’ compensation and benefits practices. We are very happy to provide the interactive 2017 database (link below) detailing salaries paid to employees in hundreds of positions in different types of nonprofits. Our previous full survey reports, including benefits, have been a great success and accessed by more than 60,000 users. Because of the financial support of many of our Leaders, Champions, and Patrons, the databases and reports are available to all for free.

Download the 2017 report.

Download "Wage Equity Matters: A Deeper Analysis of Compensation and Benefits Data".

Access our 2017 searchable salary database.


Our Previous Compensation Reports

2014 Compensation Report

Our staff is our greatest asset. As organizations develop fair compensation and benefits, it helps to compare your nonprofit to others in the region. Our 2014 report includes salary and benefits information from a range of nonprofits. Download our report and use our searchable database to assess how your compensation practices compare to others in the region.

Go to the 2014 report.

Access our 2014 searchable compensation database.

2010 Compensation Report

Our 2010 compensation report provides hard-to-find data for small to medium sized nonprofits.

Go to the 2010 report.