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We draw a diverse, dynamic mix of nonprofit participants of all levels to our workshops on managing mission-based organizations. Executive directors, managers, staff, board members, and volunteers have attended our in-person, interactive sessions led by recognized experts in their field. Learn more in our FAQ .

Feb / 24 / 2021
Online Communication: Public Speaking in a Web-Based World Natural charisma doesn't always translate screen-to-screen. Companies now realize that whoever is the first to master client engagement from a distance will dominate their competition. This workshop will help you take command of this new paradigm so you can achieve your business goals, keep your employees engaged, and your clients committed to you.
Mar / 11 / 2021
Adaptive Supervision (Mar) (This workshop is full) Skilled, intentional, and strategic supervision is integral to organizational success and employee satisfaction. Effective supervisors, whether new to the role or coming with a wealth of experience, tap into self-awareness, are adaptive, and leverage a range of interpersonal skills. Using these practices, a supervisor creates a culture of mutual respect — one in which employees and supervisors communicate regularly and clearly about job-related expectations, tasks, and overall performance.
Apr / 15 / 2021
Centering Clients in Program Evaluation Nonprofits often need to collect and report data about their programs in order to satisfy funder requirements, which too frequently makes funders the drivers of program goals, data, and evaluation. In order to truly meet the needs that a program is intending to address, nonprofits should center their clients in an ethical, equitable, and culturally appropriate manner This workshop will show you how to work together with your clients to create evaluations that measure and improve program success. 
May / 18 / 2021
Building Supervisor-Staff Relationships Through Communication (May) Through this 120-minute interactive session on effective supervisory communication, participants will understand the importance of soliciting feedback and learn approaches to building this into their supervisory practice.
Jun / 1 / 2021
Performance Management (June) Be an effective supervisor: explore the ways that adaptive communication and feedback contribute to supporting, developing, and managing successful employees; understand the dynamic continuum of employee performance; and learn and practice a model of performance management that focuses on adaptive communication and feedback strategies.